Board Game Sleeves-Non Glare Mini

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Board Game Sleeves Non-Glare - Mini (fits cards of 41x63mm)

Card Sleeves! What are they? Do they even exist? Yes, yes they do and they are all about protection. Card Sleeves are a sheath for playing cards. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and types, and depending on the type of person you are you will either use them sparingly or in every game you own.

Some cards sleeves are see through on both sides, while others have a solid colour, or patterned with logos or pictures. You can get mat finished sleeves which are a bit more grippy or normal ones which are great to shuffle but can be a bit slippy when stood in a stack.

Other than collectors who sleeve every game they own to keep them pristine, you might want to sleeve a game where the cards aren’t the best quality but you love the game and it gets played a lot, or perhaps you have picked up a game second hand and some of the cards are damaged so you want to use solid sleeves to stop people remember to tell tale damage on a certain card.

There are a couple of things to be aware of. Sleeving your cards adds to their bulk so they will take up more room in the box. Not all inserts are set up for this however. Also size is important! Standard card sleeves are not the same as Standard American cards for example. So make sure you choose the right size!

Board Game Sleeves utilise the box included giving you a deck box and 50 non-glare sleeves. The sleeves are mini sized measuring 41x63mm.

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