See Say Doo

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The See Say Doo Board Game has been created as a fun way to educate and to develop and stimulate individuals communication, creative, logic and thinking skills whilst at the same time providing endless fun & laughter.
The Game: See Say Doo is a game played by two or more teams, each team consisting of two or more players, or by three players in a three-player game, testing the imagination of those playing in an entertainingly fun way.

Players use their “see” (drawing), “say” (speaking) and “doo” (miming) skills to correctly guess the answer that the “performer” has read on the Category card. The more players per team, the greater the entertainment and fun.
Game objective: The objective of See Say Doo is to be the first team (or the first player in a three-player game) to return to the “begin/finish” square. This is achieved by the interpreters accurately interpreting the performer's clues and guessing the correct answer as reflected on the Category
Card to be able to move according to the number thrown on the move dice.

What are you waiting for? Three times the fun and laughter you ever wanted in a board game. Just a minute to see(draw), say(describe) or doo(act) a name from a category card.
Categories include Literature, Music, Movies & General knowledge.
Quick action, smart thinking and fun! And what's more, it's four games for the price of one.

- Play board: Yes
- Playing cards: 250 category cards
- Components: 6 plastic tokens
- Other: a pencil, a pad of paper & timer
- Dice: Yes (category & move)
- Rules: Yes

What's in the box
250 Category Cards
1 Set of Rules
1 Pencil
1 Pad of Paper
1 Category Dice
1 Move Dice
4 Tokens
1 Timer
1 Game Board

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