Frequently Asked Questions
1 Lockdown
1.1 Are you open?

Yes! As of stage three we are allowed to operate as a retail store. Sadly we are not allowed to host in-store events.

1.2 What measures are you taking to ensure staff and shopper safety?

We are complying with every piece of legislation. We have a sensitization station and regularly disinfect commonly touched surfaces (the door, the counter, the card machine, the sanitizer itself).

We also are only allowing five customers in store at any one time in order to keep in line with the required social distancing regulations.

1.3 If I am picking up a product I ordered, can you take it to my car?

Sadly no. We can however meet you at the door so that you do not need to come into contact with anything other than your purchase.

2 Product
2.1 When will X product be in stock?

Unfortunately it is difficult to say the exact time that each product will take to reach us in terms of the current situation worldwide.

If your product is in the country then it will take +/- five business days to reach us.

If the product you are wanting is coming from overseas it may take up to three weeks to pass through customs.

2.2 Can I order a product that isn't on the website?

Of course! We are avid gamers ourselves and try to keep stock of everything. If the product you want is not in stock, drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you with 24 hours.